Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

Download Accelerator Plus is a piece of freeware that promises to accelerate your download speeds by as much as 300 percent

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Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)
Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus is a piece of software that is meant to speed up your download rate, and it claims to be able to do so with up to 300 percent improvement. On top of that tremendous speed boost, the software offers many other useful functions as well.

The user interface for Download Accelerator Plus is both aesthetically pleasing and exceptionally intuitive. There are three main sections of the app, and those sections are FTP Browser, Internet, and Downloads. Through the Internet section, you'll be able to browse the web through a dedicated yet tiny browser. Through this browser, you can directly choose downloads so you won't have to use a separate browser app to find files.

If you are using your default browser instead of the built-in browser, you'll notice that downloads don't automatically go through the browser's download window. Instead, a Download Accelerator Plus window opens in the place of the default download window. This is due to the integrated installation process that adds the Download Accelerator Plus to your default browser. Downloads that process through the Download Accelerator Plus window will be saved in the DAP folder automatically.

In the Downloads section of the software, you can monitor all your downloads for status and remaining time. The software is so seamlessly integrated into the browser that you only have to click on a link that points to downloadable content and the software will do the rest. Download Accelerator Plus is only as popular and functional as it is because of the way it merges with browsers and the additional speed it offers the process.

If you are constantly downloading content from the web, Download Accelerator Plus can help streamline the process. Advanced users will enjoy the wide range of options that can be configured for maximum utility. You can set specifications for proxy servers, plan behavior for files after they've downloaded completely, and schedule future downloads.

The average user who only rarely downloads content from online won't be able to take full advantage of this software. That doesn't mean the software wouldn't be useful for limited occasional use, but many of the functions would go to waste. Frequent downloaders will enjoy the customizable features of Download Accelerator Plus, but most won't ever use more than a quarter of the basic controls. However, if you are an advanced downloader, the remaining three quarters are quite helpful.

This newest version of the software includes an integrated single-click download button for video found on YouTube or any other video site. The Link Checker tool has been redesigned with greater performance, and it can easily provide information about any file linked by a URL. The overall download experience has been improved for this version as well thanks to the updated Dapsters.


  • Intuitive Utility
  • Automatic Mirror Search
  • Direct Download Tweeting
  • Multiple Speed Improvement Options
  • Highly Configurable


  • Annoying Add-Ons During Installation

Download-accelerator-plus is a small and powerful utility that uses patented technology to increase download speeds. It is also one of the most popular, and it has been downloaded more than 300 million times since it was first released a few years ago. Almost anyone can benefit from this utility, and it only takes seconds to install.

The Technology

Developers are not very specific about how the program works, but the patented technology somehow opens up parallel channels, which dramatically improves how much data can flow from the server to the destination computer. This translates into faster downloads by maximizing the amount of bandwidth that is already available at any given point in time. The software also identifies ways to get around high traffic and bottlenecks that interfere with the flow of data through a network.

Download and Installation

Downloading the program is easy, and installation only takes a few seconds. It can be configured to automatically run when a file is selected for download or manually executed as needed. It works with all browsers, and users can easily select where the files will be downloaded on their machine.


Users will enjoy many benefits that are not available with other download utilities. The latest version of Download-accelerator-plus includes a drag-and-drop interface as well as the ability to preview files as they are being downloaded. Users can also convert files into any format with a click of the mouse. There is also a resume feature that comes in handy when interrupted connections stall or stop downloads before they are completed.

Users can choose between a basic freeware or premium version. The premium version includes the ability to "supercharge" downloads and accelerate download speeds from sites like Rapidshare. Premium users can also benefit from unlimited downloads, whereas the freeware option is limited, and the program will cease to download any more files unless an upgrade is purchased.

The Verdict

The Download-accelerator-plus is a reliable, effective and simple way to increase download speed. Installation is virtually automatic, and the program can be easily configured. Users will enjoy the limited features that are available in the free version, and upgrading is not too expensive.


Dramatically increases download speeds

Non-technical in nature

Simple installation and automatic operation

Small program and not resource-intensive

Video conversion capability


Limited functionality in freeware version

Tiered pricing structure for various acceleration options

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